pyramids by AWSIDS

A great first album from AWSIDS!

1a3wx — Issue 4
I listened to this album in a superior format: compressed to glorious 8 bit audio on a 3.5” floppy disk. Even given its flatness and the limitations of its compression, this album’s three tracks still contained depth. I’m no stranger to floppy disk audi...


Broken Lotus / Hidden Orchid

A great album by a great artist.

sheep — Unknown Issue
Collaborative works are a special kind of challenge, and collaborative albums are no undaunting task. The artists involved must combine their efforts to take something intangible—a thought, a concept—and find a way to make it part of the physical world...


屬靈的愛 (Shulingde Ai)

Just how good is DanDan's new album?

1a3wx — Issue 1
丹丹 (DanDan), the side project of Austrian dreampop/synthwave artist “Diamond Incarnation,” has quietly built a catalogue of consistent future funk releases, each with a dreamy feel which often crosses into vaporfunk territory. As well as standard casset...