Reviewing Sentimental Transmission

by 天気予報

deliriously...daniel — Web
"A deluge of lights" "TV embodies our fear of the dark" "Television knows no night" These three tracks—also the album's longest—perhaps best describe 天気予報 (Asutenki)'s Sentimental Transmission , in both sound and sentiment. Released near the end of the...


Digital Concerts and You - On Vaporspace STL

DJ Nonn, sheep — Web
2020 has been the year of the virtual concert, and no scene is having an easier time embracing it than vaporwave. With a tightly-knit online community for whom the “virtual aesthetic” is part of the culture, the once-sparse live performance space has be...



By FM Skyline

gbanas92 — Web
An FM Skyline release is always a source of excitement. Be it a classic like EarthSim , or last summer’s brilliant Advanced Memory Suite , FM Skyline has a tendency to churn out computer-generated gold. So how do you follow up something like that? How f...


Introduction, Presence

by Nation of Language

gbanas92 — Web
A band making their debut with a fully formed vision of their sound is a rarity. But that happens to be the reality of the Brooklyn based trio that is Nation of Language. Introduction, Presence represents their debut, and top to bottom, the album on di...


You Need to Ahero This

Tuning Into the New Ahero Sound

mattt — Web
Ahero has announced his fourth album after three previous successful releases and let me tell you— this one will not disappoint. This album, titled Drop Shadows, is under his new synthpop side project called Talk to Me. With this project, he goes in a ...


Couples Resort®

by Timeshare ’94 & waterfront dining

gbanas92 — Web
There’s a certain expectation of quality when it comes to My Pet Flamingo dropping new releases onto an unsuspecting public, and their latest is no exception. Behold Couples Resort®, a collaborative split LP from a pair of vaporwave’s greats: waterfron...


No Sugar Added

Runners Club 95

gbanas92 — Web
Swedish duo Runners Club 95made their debut on the scene back in 2017 with the crisp, airy Panama Papers, which offered up an enticing mixture of classic vapor while still looking ahead. Their long awaited follow-up No Sugar Added refines this approach...


Dan Mason - Forever Nothing

A vaporwave legend brings glo-fi to atmospheric new heights

DJ Nonn — Web
Few artists in vaporwave have a discography as rich and varied as Dan Mason, who first debuted all the way back in 2013. After two years in the scene, he released his breakout album Miami Virtual on DMT Tapes FL, and the rest is history. Following a sl...


H Y M N S by w i n t e r q u i l t 愛が止ま

Strawberry Station — Web
H Y M N, November 2019’s sinister smash hit from Liverpool-based  w i n t e r q u i l t 愛が止ま, was a shot in the arm for vaporwave aficionados tiring of the ever-enjoyable but occasionally formulaic comfort zone of mallsoft and slushwave - a dark a...


pyramids by AWSIDS

A great first album from AWSIDS!

Puffycheeses — Issue 4
I listened to this album in a superior format: compressed to glorious 8 bit audio on a 3.5” floppy disk. Even given its flatness and the limitations of its compression, this album’s three tracks still contained depth. I’m no stranger to floppy disk aud...


Broken Lotus / Hidden Orchid

A great album by great artists

sheep — Issue 4
Collaborative works are a special kind of challenge, and collaborative albums are no undaunting task. The artists involved must combine their efforts to take something intangible—a thought, a concept—and find a way to make it part of the physical world...


屬靈的愛 (Shulingde Ai)

Just how good is DanDan's new album?

Strawberry Station — Issue 4
丹丹 (DanDan), the side project of Austrian dreampop/synthwave artist “Diamond Incarnation,” has quietly built a catalogue of consistent future funk releases, each with a dreamy feel which often crosses into vaporfunk territory. As well as standard casse...