Fake Fever: Double Premiere

“Terrace” / “Solid Gold”

DJ Nonn — Web
Making vaporwave 2 is tricky business. It requires keeping one foot in vaporwave while the other searches for a spot in adjacent genres, a balancing act that’s harder than it might sound. Andrew Barnes, who makes vaporwave under the name Fake Fever , i...


Passive Refraction: 27th Floor Release

mxhdroom — Web
“I’ve watched you suffering… Unsure what you should do… Alone beneath the city nights… How I’ve missed you too… You’ve cast a veil across your eyes Hiding From the Truth… I have the Answers that you seek on the 27th Floor, Room 2021, Waiting For You…” ...


International Minidisc Day

March 7 2020

maki — Web
Twelve years ago, the first Record Store Day was held, bringing together music fans, collectors, labels, bands, and audiophiles all over the United States, and has since expanded with limited international participation.  Seven years ago, a group ...


Marbloid Madness: A Tale of Two Partnerships

An Aesthetic Application

n/a — Web
Vaporwave’s been given any endless permutation of strung-together definitions, but it shouldn’t be a stretch to say much of “classic vaporwave” music shares a few high-level traits: it’s smooth, haunting, and often more deeply complex than meets the ea...