Cultural Parallels: Vaporwave and Black Metal

They're more similar than meets the eye

VaporKitteh — Web
Spending time in the Twitter vaporwave Producer EcosystemTM, I've noticed that a number of peers share my interest in and history with black metal. Black metal, for the unfamiliar, is a subgenre of metal which relies on fast tempos, screeching vocals, a...


Enclaves of the Vaporwave Community

VaporKitteh — Web
How did you stumble upon vaporwave? For me, I happened upon FrankJavCee’s ban-worthy YouTube video “How to Make Vaporwave” and started hunting for aesthetic JPEGs to aloofly share on Tumblr. But that’s me. With vaporwave being such a nascent genre, its...


A Brief History of: CITY POP

An Escape Into Japanese Consumerist Utopia

IndyAdvant — Issue 7
Flashback to the early to mid ‘70s. The Japanese economy skyrockets into what would rapidly qualify Japan as having the second largest national economy, next to the United States. The rate of growth to this day is next to unparalleled. Japan ...


TV Party: Making Friends in Korea

Korea was interesting...

mxhdroom — Web
Meeting up with a group of Korean vaporwave producers wasn’t something I’d planned to do on my holiday. I was leaving for vacation in Seoul in a matter of days, when I casually mentioned it to someone at Private Suite. In a flurry of ideas they suggest...


Dystopian Futures and Virtual Plazas: The Cyberpunk-Vaporwave Connection

Vaporwave is more than a music genre, it's a uchronia.

sheep — Web
When Bruce Bethke wrote his short story Cyberpunk in 1980, he had no idea that he would be coining the term for one of the most revolutionary movements in science fiction. At the time, he and other science fiction writers felt boxed in—science fiction ...


CASINO's Roundtable

So, what does the future hold?

Vaporwave is dead, right? It went through its growing pains at a quicker rate than “traditional” genres, likely due to being a largely virtual creation. Rising to the height of internet memedom, it died out only to be resurrected, boasting a slew of mi...