75. Happy New Year! Ringing in Vaporwave for the 2020s

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Rich, Indy, and Augnos are back in the suite for the new year and a new decade. In this episode we talk about the most recent vaporwave shows in New York and Los Angeles, the growth of live vaporwave going into the 2020s, and the rise of local vaporwave shows. We also look at 2019 vaporwave compilations, why vaporwave fans prefer to consume albums in a market that is dominated by singles, what technologies to praise (and fear) in the new decade, diving deep into Surge and various other sugary foods, and sharing our New Year's Resolution workout playlists.

New Era : 2020

New Years '88 // DMT​​-​​670

Topaze Compilation V : New Decade Edition


VPR2020: A Postvapor Celebration | Captain Midnight Records

Aurora Broadcast

Private Suite Workout Playlist

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