71. Pad Chennington: Back in the Suite

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Pad Chennington is back in the suite to talk about his new album Dewdropper, releasing Friday, December 6. Pad talks about his live performance at ElectroniCON in NYC, as well as his upcoming show Aesthetic Nights in Manhattan on January 4. We also follow up last episodes request for your top 5 "Vaporwave 101" albums and review submissions from some prominent members of the vaporwave community.

Pop Up! - Flavored

丹丹 - Sunrise Talk

MF Doom - Zatar

Strawberry Station - Christmas Present

History of vaporwave timeline by rickyfaust

infinitipool Frequencies Box Set

Strudelsoft LED printed floppy discs

Reel to reel vaporwave by section9

Pad Chennington

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