69. Nice.

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Episode 69. Nice.

Rich, Indy, and Augnos are here to talk about some new releases, the relationship between vaporwave and cars, and what defines if something is "vaporwave".

We want to know what your top 5 "Intro to Vaporwave" albums are. Let us know on social media or give us a call on the Hotline at 412-44-VAPOR.

Click here to watch the podcast editing livestream Indy did for this episode, if you want to see all the behind the scenes stuff ^_^

ichika Nito

John Butler - Ocean

Vapor95 Christmas Collection

Unfound - Anomaly


Eagle Eye Tiger - On The Run

Regular Car Reviews

Rick and Morty is back - Terry Folds

Max Cooper

MF DOOM 2002

VOID-003 - Sangam

Asura Revolver Vinyl

Waterfront Dining - Daydream Vinyl

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