62. Ding Ding Ding, Saskatoon!

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So-rry for the vague title. Rich, Indy, and Augnos are back with special guest Alyx from Pacific Plaza Records for a fun episode. Discussion topics include Indy listening to Britney Spears (on vinyl, of course), the Aessential future funk festival taking place in April 2020 in Toronto, a surprise Canadian proficiency test, and a new feature where each of the hosts give each other an album to listen to and share their thoughts on.

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Rich's Album: Delicacy - Seoul System

Alyx's Album: L'Autoroute de l'Information - Frite Fromage Sauce

Augnos' Album: B SIDES - REVERB LITE

Indy's Album: Aural Recollection - Bodyline

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