3. VAPORWAVE MADNESS featuring Pad Chennington

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Special guest host Pad Chennington, the "Valedictorian of Vaporwave", joins Rich, Matt, and Uriel in the Suite for this weeks episode.

Topics this week include:

  • The age-old question of "what is vaporwave" (or how to explain to your friends what it is exactly that you are listening to)
  • VAPORWAVE MADNESS! We breakdown the Vaporwave Madness tournament which has been taking place on r/vaporwave over the past several weeks
  • Video games, vapor, and you: a brief discussion about how video games, nostalgia, and vaporwave all tie into one another
  • A quick update about physical copies of Private Suite Magazine Issue 4

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*Shout out to Redditor u/JohnNieuwsma for putting together the the Vaporwave Madness tournament and giving us something to talk about.

Special Guest: Pad Chennington.