29. "The Richest Man In Vaporwave" and Vaporwave Movies

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This episode Rich, Uriel, and Indy discuss the mystery of Porter Vong, the self-proclaimed "Richest Man in Vaporwave". For the main topic of the episode, the three discuss "vaporwave" movies, as in films that inspire the same feelings you get when listening to vaporwave or maybe just have the right A E S T H E T I C.

After listening, let us know what your favorite vaporwave movies are on social media, or by calling the Private Suite Hotline at 412-44-VAPOR.

Movies discussed in this episode:


One Hour Photo

NOT Blade Runner

Total Recall

Miami Vice (TV)

Knight Rider (TV)

Miami Connection

Ski School

Weekend at Bernie's

Cool as Ice

Cool Runnings

Lost In Translation

You've Got Mail


The Island

Only God Forgives




American Psycho

The Minds Eye

Beyond the Minds Eye

Computer Dreams


Lawn Mower Man

Max Headroom (TV)

Johnny Mnemonic

Breakfast Club

Pretty in Pink

Dazed and Confused

Jerry Maguire

Kung Fury

Carmine Bloise Youtube

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