18. "Aessential" Future Funk Concert: Private Suite Exclusive Interviews

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In this monster episode of the Private Suite Podcast, IndyAdvant Interviews 10 Producers from the Aessential Future Funk concert in Toronto on March 23, 2019.

Toronto based future funk enthusiasts and fans were greeted with an exciting treat last month as some of the biggest names in the genre came together for an epic live show. Indy met up with the producers for a few days to kick it and do some interviews, featuring EV.EXI, FIBRE, Chevron, Sixtroke, Tokyo Wanderer, Pan!c Pop, Lucky Talisman, D4in, ED., and Future Funk Monthly.

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Special Guests: Chevron, D 4 1 N, ED., EV.EXI, FIBRE, Future Funk Monthly, Lucky Talisman, Pan!c Pop, Sixtroke, and Tokyo Wanderer.