With new technological advancements, fashion trends, and music genres being created at a blistering pace, the past has become an amalgam of what we want it to be. The past is forgotten and shall always be remembered to be forgotten. It exists only as a reminder of the fact that we exist. Anyone can tell stories of the past, but only a few can hear them. Private Suite Magazine is for those who want to to remember the past, whether it be their own or someone else’s.

Private Suite is a community project. Our magazine consists of all things vaporwave — reviews, art, interviews, articles and discussions. Private Suite dives deep into the never-ending ocean of vaporwave content to bring the highest quality work to our readers.

Private Suite is editorially independent, with a goal of growing the vaporwave scene as a whole, and being a positive force within the community. All of us are volunteers, and while we do strive to meet our self-imposed deadlines, there may be delays so we can deliver the best product possible. Our volunteers are responsible for their own content - be it copyright clearance, creative commons attributions, etc. PSM is not liable for our content creators' actions. If you see any of your content used in our products without your consent, please let us know at outreach@privatesuitemag.com and we will work with you to resolve the concern.

The Team


Epic gamer, Mother of 4, Love Kombucha and my kids. Cycle gang, ride or die.


Private Suite's loveable gambling enthusiast. Reviewer of music, games and all things aesthetic. Undercover FBI agent. Wait… damn how do I delete this?


Person who created the mall render - 3D enthusiast, looking forward to working with the community more, love y'all, cheers!


Say hi to @r0x4ry on twitter if you see this. I run a music label (Asura Revolver) most of the time when I’m not yelling at people on Discord (also join our Discord!). Unreasonable person.


Hi there, internet. It’s your friend, B. What are poems but playlists of words we like with coded messages in between? I’m prone to writing those. I sometimes review tunes as well.


Big boss. Younger than you but also more epic. I fix old video game consoles for fun and wear lots of polos. I plan to take over the world and the rest of the universe with the Private Suite staff. But that's next month, we have to finish working on this issue first.


A computer engineering student; I do quite a bit of programming as part of my degree. In addition I am a retro gaming enthusiast and lover of old tech in general. Love a nice chunky CRT monitor. I also really really like dead malls. I don't usually go more than a month without visiting one.


Hauntological curation and reticulation unit, comprised mainly of caffeine and GIFs, salvaged from the ruins of ancient Geocities. Creator of hand-crafted luxury, bespoke indulgences, scented evanescent effervescents, and art.

Strawberry Station

Future Funk boi from Leicester, England. Borderline weeb trash. I live for a four on the floor, groovy riffs and good times. Love working with PSM and being part of such a cool cornerstone of the Vapor community. It’s been wonderful helping make physical copies a reality! https://strawberrystation.bandcamp.com/


Former lead writer for first 4 issues (as Zecon365), now just chillin’ and floatin’ around. Ya know, like a ghost through these times. Aspiring scholar-activist but in general wants to lick life all over to get all its tastes.


Symbol-using android with a penchant for future retroism. Writer and editor. Coin-operated.

Lil Seth

Graphic design student, art lover, music addict E P I C G A M E R, and much more. I work as a graphic designer full time and attend design school in Hamilton, Ontario by day speed running and playing melee by night. Very happy to be working with everyone on the private suite team.



I like to make art, music, write, and do a little bit of everything. Community really means a lot to me, so I think it’s important to be as kind and encouraging as possible :)


15 year old wuh oh might just stir up a ruckus with my epic graphic design and video editing idk /shrug
who else hyped for animal crossing new horizons huh huh


From Rome, enjoying life in Berlin. I paint safe canvases during the day and risky walls at night. I edit AAA video game translations for a living, and I'm making two indie video games for fun.

Seth Startix

Design Director for Private Suite Magazine, Vanguard of aesthetics, creator of Project-Collage. I design software by day, make art and play synthesizers in my free time. I’m here to inspire, mentor, and herald the next wave of visual artists in Vaporwave.



Best pushcart driver in all Jamaica mon. IT Systems Professional, filmmaker, journalist, musician, audio engineer, videographer, writer. Lover of cinema, music, gardening, boarding, and tennis! I do a lot of things around here! Lead of IT, Videos, and Web-Content, podcast co-host, and I do a lot of writing. I also enjoy a really nice pair of slacks. ✌️


20 years old, native from Spain. Born with a computer between hands and obsessed with technology. In my eagerness to know the origin of things, I ended up in love with retro culture and analogical machines. I try to learn, listen and play new things everyday, trying to make sense of my life. I do graphic design and on occasion, write, for Private Suite. And yes, I write middle with one d on purpose.



Pittsburgh-based marketer, outdoor everythinger, and vaporwave enthusiast. Manager of music label Turtle Snake Tapes, send me your demos. Still searching for civil war gold in the woodlands of South-Western Pennsylvania. http://Twitter.com/SnakeTapes


Copy Editor. Even the a e s t h e t i c needs an editor.

Uriel Machine

Vapor haha funnyperson from Washington D.C., USA. Interested in soundtrack music, smooth music, and retro junk. On the run from the laws of physics.

Iku Tri

Promotional Video VFX editor and filmmaker with tech background



daytime copywriter, nocturnal cereal blogger, resident uwu-slinger, wannabe sailor senshi, signalwavefan69 & featurist with prose as floral as his wardrobe.


Youngest member on the PSM team. Programmer, hacker, open sourcerer, student, procrastinator. You can find Private Suite’s OSS at https://github.com/privatesuite. Feel free to hit me up on Discord.


Midwestern government man by day, wearer of many a e s t h e t i c hats by night. Lifelong music head, Nintendo fanboy, homebrewer, Japanophile. Reasonable person.


I'm always busy listening to the waves of the past to try to find my direction towards the future. When I’m not crafting philosophical parables, I write news for Private Suite.


Darkfez Futuretro is your VaporGramps and a member of our editing team. He's also the oldest person at PSM and the only original New Waver, New Romantic, and OG (Original Goth. Yeah, he was goth when goth was new.). Never a mall walker, he adores the consumer nostalgia of mallsoft! And he writes and he writes and he writes...

Rich (PonyDanza)

Your friendly Philadelphia vaporwave podcast host. World traveler, dabbling in photography, gaming, and motorcycles.